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Industrial power transmission coupling entail couplings like uni joints, jaw couplings.

Traditionally used at high speed but with minimal angular misalignment in applications like conveyor belts and other industrial machinery. They have their limitations, uni joints bearings and block and pin need to be greased and replaced, and increased misalignment during use also wears out bearings but also spider inserts found in jaw couplings.

Twin Spring Coupling offers a high speed, high torque and highly flexible industrial coupling to replace uni joints and jaw couplings. Size shafts range from 1/2″ to 1 3/4″


Best Industrial power transmission couplings for 2021

Best Industrial power transmission couplings for 2021 The best industrial power transmission couplings for the mass industrial market are broken roughly into these 5 types of couplings, some have subsets as well, the elastomeric couplings have jaw couplings as segment where some people treat them as a category by themselves. These couplings are also constructed […]

Lovejoy Uni joints vs Twin Spring Couplings

Lovejoy Uni joints replacements

Lovejoy uni joints The flexible shaft coupling we will discuss today is the universal joint. Originally invented in the 1683 by Robert Hooke the Hooke joint became the universal joint when patented in 1905 by Clarence Spicer. The Spicer joint then with Spicer’s business partner Charles Dana turned into the current day Dana Holdings. Lovejoy […]