Twin Spring Couplings now offering a T6061 Aluminum constructed version of their spring couplings

Twin Spring couplings flexible coupling replaces universal joints, servo, beam, bellows and elastomeric couplings

We are proud to announce that our 3 Twin Spring Coupling ranges are now also available in T6061 High strength T6 aluminum. We have looked like any good mechanical engineer for ways to save weight but without losing strength or longevity.

The artificially aged and precipitation hardening makes this tempered aluminum stronger that 304 Stainless Steel which offering similar corrosion resistance capacity.

The machined hubs saves us 20% in weight which makes it a cheaper product to ship and also reduces the weight of the finished product.

The current spring sets stay as their torque capacity is what makes our Twin Spring Couplings offer the same or improved performance over that of Jaw couplings, universal joints and other elastomeric couplings.

Twin Spring Couplings are made from 4140 alloy, we chose this over cast iron as while its more expensive its both longer lasting and also has a far superior corrosion resistance to that of cast iron.

Using the aluminum besides being a light weight, strong metal it also offers incredible corrosion resistance due to artificial aging process during production but also the Cr and Si components in the alloy when forged.

The other reason we chose this alloy is its ability to bend and return to its original form verses breaking as seen in Cast iron.

Check out the range of couplings we now offer

Jaw coupling alternatives to L100- L276

Universal Joint from D5-D10 and NB6-NB10 Lovejoy replacements, also replaces Spicer, Moog and Neapco uni joints in automotive as well as Weasler, Walterscheid and Bondioli and Pavesi in Agriculture applications.

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