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Servo Coupling replacement technology

Replace Ruland, Belden, KTR, TB Woods, Altra, Guardian couplings, R+W, Lovejoy, Tsubaki, Huco coupling with twin spring coupling maintenance free coupling

High speed with larger angular misalignment  capabilities makes it a great alternative, adding to that no internal elastomeric insert to be maintained or replaced makes this n ideal replacement for servo couplings.


Boston Gear – FC25 XFCBB, FC30 XFCA Poly, FC38 Rubber XFCR, J150B JS175B, JS200B, UJAS 12-12, UJNL 16-16.

Curtis – CJ644, CJ645.

SKF – FRC 90, SKF Flex 60, UJMA25.

Belden – UJ-HD1250, UJ- HS1000, UJ-HS1250, UJ-NB1000x500

Ruland – UJ- HD875, UJ-HS 750, JC jaw , MJC jaw.

TB Woods – Dura-Flex WE10, L Jaw L090, L100, AL100, SS100, L110, AL110, SS110, L150, AL150, SS150,  G Flex grid coupling 1000T10-1030.

Lovejoy –  L-090, L-099, L-100, L-110, C-226, C-276 (SOX) CJ28/38, CJ24/32, D-3B, D-4B, LOJ-6B, DD-3B, DD-4B, D-5B, NB-6B, DD-5B, DD-6B, LOJ-8B, Uniflex U-100, Uniflex U125, Saga S-13, S-Flex Size 6-9, Delta-Flex 40/40HT.

Rexnord – Omega E10, E15, Omega HDY 5, HDY10, Viva V130.

Falk – Wrapflex 10R.

Guardian Couplings – Guardex M-48, Guardex I-32, LJW L100, LJW L150, LJW L190.

Tsubaki – L-099, L-100, L-110 L-110A.

SIT – GU5P, GU5H, Trasco ES 55 red and green, 65 yellow.

KTR – Rotex AL-H 28/38 (92,98, 64) 38-92A, GJL 38 (92A).

Martin Quadra Flex Size 8-9 Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR), Size 6 Hytrel.

Coupling Solutions for Industrial power transmission coupling failures

Coupling solutions for industrial sector

Coupling solutions replace Lovejoy Universal Joints, Jaw couplings and other couplings. With the 24/7 demands on industrial couplings especially now with the COVID 19 virus meaning less service people and OEM MRO supplies are available, the service manager of these industrial companies have decisions to make. How do I get the most out of the […]

The true cost of universal joints

Automotive Universal Joints replacement with Twin Spring Coupling

The true cost of universal joints are not so simple, a low initial price but with ongoing maintenance means it becomes a lot more expensive Lets face it, its an old technology, 115 years old to be exact, the first use of the word by inventor Robert Hooke in 1676 shows the coupling is far […]

Twin Spring Coupling products now ISO9001:2015 standard

Twin Spring coupling flexible coupling replaces universal joints, servo, beam, bellows and elastomeric couplings

Twin Spring Coupling does a QA system resolve fundamental design flaws like that in a universal joint? Twin Spring Coupling with its alliance with Yuanlu announces all our products are now ISO9001 QA certified. The certification is important especially after we have seen the universal joint/yoke failures in the Ford range of Transit vans and […]

Couplings – How old power transmission couplings cant last in the era of Industry 4.0 and Amazon

Universal joints replacement

Power transmission couplings – Universal Joints, jaw type couplings, beam couplings, bellows couplings and elastomeric couplings all suffer from the same design flaws. We have always used them, they are the only things we use, we just accept the annual maintenance cost and failure rate. A common story from manufacturers and distributors, the power transmission […]

Universal joint replace with the new TSC150


Universal joint replacement the new TSC150, a new flexible shaft coupling unit. Pearl River New York – Twin Spring Coupling announced today the release of its 3rd product line the TSC150. Twin Spring Couplings patented design allows the power transmission coupling to do the job of two different flexible shaft coupling technologies in the one […]