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Universal joints are made up of two varieties, block and pin or needle bearing . Both types need to maintain and replace the universal joint bearings or bearing cross, the Twin Spring Coupling TSC range replaces Uni joints from 1/2″ to  2 1/4″


Spicer – 5-443X, 5-3215X, 5-3233X, 5-3232X, 5-736X, 5-554X, 5-248X, 5-242X.

Neapco – 1200, 1-1275, 1800, 1-0221, 1-1001, 1-0443, 2-0456, 2000.

Moog – 237, 240, 437, 437G, 436, 466, 995.

SKF – UJ995, UJ507, UJ880, 1200, 1800, UJ341AG, UJ813, UJ964, UJ934.

Rockwell – CP456X, L12N, CP248X.

Weasler – 200-8261, 200-8370, 200-1200, 12RW, 200-7155, 12 series, 3200-8204, 3200-8202, 3010-7606-00, 3009-6206-00, 3002-7306-00, AW20 series, AB2 Series, AW11 Series, AB3 Series, 222-26141, 15161216.

Ruland – UJ-HD1000, UJ-HD1125, UJ-HS875, JC jaw, MJC jaw couplings.

Guardian CouplingsCurved jaw 28/38 Red & Green, 38/45 White, 42/55 Blue, 48/60 Blue, Guardex M-65, Guardex I-45, LJW L110, LJW L150, LJW L190, LJW L225.

TB Woods – Dura-Flex WE20, Dura-Flex WE30, L Jaw L-100, AL-100, SS-100, L-110, AL-110, SS-110, L-150, AL-150, SS-150,  L-190, L-225, L-276, G Flex grid coupling 1000T10 & 1000T20.

LovejoyL110, L100, L150, D-6B, D-7B, NB-8B, DD-7B, LOJ-10B, C226, C276 (SOX), CJ 42/55, CJ 48/60 (92A), CJ 38/45 (98/95A), CJ 38/45 (64D), Uniflex U-100S, Uniflex  U150R, Saga S-15, S-Flex Size 7-10, DeltaFlex 50.

Belden UJ-HD1500, UJ-HS1500, UJ-HD1750, UJ-HS1500, UJ-HS1750, UJ-NB1500x750, SS-UJ-NB1500x750

Curtis –  CJ646B, CJ647B

Rexnord – Omega e15, e20, Omega HDY15, HDY20, Viva V150, V190,

Falk Wrapflex 20R.

SKF – FRC110, SKF Flex 70,80, 90, UJMB 32, UJMA32. UJ995, UJ507, UJ880, 1200, 1800, UJ341AG, UJ813, UJ964, UJ934.

SIT – GU5P, GU5H, 65 red and green.

Boston Gear – FC30 XFCBB Bronze, FC38 XFCA Poly, FC45 Rubber XFCR, UJ-J175B, JS250B, JS300B, UJAS 16-16, UJNL 20-20.

KTR – Rotex AL-H 38,42,45 and GJL 38,42,45 (92A and 98A)

Martin – Quadra Flex Size 10 Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR), Size 7 Hytrel.

Vibration causing coupling failures – Causes and solutions

Vibration causes coupling failure for a number of different reasons. Couplings provide a vital function of mechanical power transmission from engine source to equipment. Traditional coupling technology is broken into 2 sections, high speed low angular misalignment or lower speed and higher angular misalignment. Traditional high speed coupling need precise installation. High speed coupling like […]

Twin Spring Coupling adds North American sales representatives

north american sales representatives for twin spring coupling

Twin Spring Coupling is proud to announce its North American sales representatives servicing the US and Canadian marketplace. Twin Spring Coupling would like to announce the following list of sale representative companies to support the expansion of our product range out into the Industrial distribution marketplace. The North American sales representative agents are AF Industrial […]

New single direction Coupling now available, great for motors, pumps and conveyors application

Universal joint alternative -Twin Spring Coupling products alternatives to all other flexible shaft couplings

Single direction coupling by Twin Spring Coupling to add to our range of couplings. Traditionally the couplings with its 2 springs, had one counter wound, so allowing the couplings to be multi directional. We have had a number of customers in the industrial sector especially ask for a single direction coupler, especially as they didnt […]

Cardan Joints or Universal joints, how about something better

Cardan Joints or Hooke joints? The Cardan joint was invented by Gerolamo Cardano in the 15th century, or at least the gimbal mountings that a modern day Universal joint contains. The Cardan joint gimbals are what we see today in the cross or bearings cross of a universal joint, the actual universal joints themselves were […]

Spring Couplings – Something new to replace your other spring couplings

Spring Couplings alternative

Spring couplings are nothing new on the power transmission coupling marketplace until now. Their maintenance free design makes them a good alternative to the likes of a jaw coupling or universal joint. They are varied in their appearance, size, torque capability, price points and flexibility. Spring in outer hub. Multiple layer springs. Spline cut from […]

Twin Spring Couplings now offering a T6061 Aluminum constructed version of their spring couplings

Twin Spring couplings flexible coupling replaces universal joints, servo, beam, bellows and elastomeric couplings

We are proud to announce that our 3 Twin Spring Coupling ranges are now also available in T6061 High strength T6 aluminum. We have looked like any good mechanical engineer for ways to save weight but without losing strength or longevity. The artificially aged and precipitation hardening makes this tempered aluminum stronger that 304 Stainless […]

Mechanical power transmission couplings replaces uni joints, jaw couplings, grid couplings too

Spring couplings - flexible coupling replaces universal joints, servo, beam, bellows and elastomeric couplings

Mechanical power transmission couplings by Twin Spring coupling is stronger, runs faster and is more flexible than all other spring couplings. Spring Couplings are another form of flexible shaft coupling but usually down at the lower end of the market, as they usually have a low ability to transfer torque and to run at high […]

Block and Pin Uni Joints compared to Twin Spring Coupling

Friction bearing U-joints replacement

Block and Pin Universal joints verses Twin Spring Couplings – no maintenance power transmission couplings. In the world of universal joints there are only two versions, the old block and pin and the newer needle bearing u joints. Block and Pin universal joints are over 100 years old Block and Pin u-joints was originally patented […]

Best Industrial power transmission couplings for 2021

Best Industrial power transmission couplings for 2021 The best industrial power transmission couplings for the mass industrial market are broken roughly into these 5 types of couplings, some have subsets as well, the elastomeric couplings have jaw couplings as segment where some people treat them as a category by themselves. These couplings are also constructed […]

Weasler PTO couplings – Replace them with a maintenance free alternative

Weasler PTO couplings Weasler PTO couplings are a brand well known in the agriculture u-joints, Walterscheid and Bondioli as well . They all rely on the underlying universal joint technology to work. The only real difference is the Weasler PTO couplings are made using larger uni joints, revolving around technology like the Spicer 1310/ Spicer […]