TSC150 Agriculture

TSC150 Agriculture replacement for universal joint and jaw couplings in farming equipment and attachments.

Couplings in the agricultural industry have a number of issues to contend with, annual maintenance, constant greasing, hostile environment, replacement components, downtime during critical times of the year Twin Spring Coupling offers something different.

Looking for something that doesn’t need greasing every 8 hours. Sick of replacing bearing crosses every 50 hours, this is why we created Twin Spring Couplings, a one piece long lasting agriculture coupler.

It replaces the entire U joint or jaw coupling, yokes/hubs, propeller/cross bearings everything, with a simple one piece design.

Uses include.

  • Driveline.
  • Augers.
  • Conveyors.
  • Steering.
  • Pumps.
  • Motors.
  • PTO attachments.
  • Attachments.
  • Work vehicles.
  • ATV’s.

Designed with no internal components like bearings, means our coupling is truly maintenance free, making it impervious to water, mud, dust, dirt and other contaminants. This saves time so no constant greasing and on annual maintenance bills with the labour and replacement bearing cross’s.

The two different types of universal joints can be replaced with one Twin Spring coupling, it replaces both low speed block and pin and greasing needle bearing universal joints.

The universal joint bearings wear in two ways, first the daily use of the product and secondly and more critically the angle at what the coupling joint is being used at, as the higher the angle of misalignment during use the more the bearings will wear against the inside edge of the race.

This means increased vibration which can result in equipment damage and/or bearing failure.

By being a one piece design also means Twin Spring Coupling TSC150 Ag wont break like the yokes do in traditional uni joints. The yokes while substantial where they connect to the input/output shafts are a lot smaller where they connect to the universal cross joint.

This makes it a weak point and with the tough work they experience farming are prone to cracking which means the yoke will have to be replaced meaning it has to be removed and wait for the new yoke to arrive and then reinstallation, which is both time and money.

Another application for the TSC150 Agriculture couplings is to replace jaw couplings used in farm equipment. With no insert components like a spider insert, there is no maintenance and a more flexible coupling to use at high speed (up to 7000RPM).

Spline sizes up to 1 1/4″ Keyway allows for a large variety on equipment it can be used on.

TSC150 Agriculture coupling replaces two old couplings.

Our coupling is available in all the standard industry splines for easy replacement or retrofit for OEM.

Flexible up to 25 degrees.

Replaces –

Spicer  – 5-264X, 5-110X, 5-103X (1000SG), 5-110X, 5-170X, 5-101X, 5-105X, 5-92X, 24-92X, 1000SG.

Neapco – 1-0170, 1-0675, 1-1475, N1000, L600, 1-0616, 1-0475, 1-0121, 1-0300, 1-0105, 1-0171, 1-0103.

Moog – 338, 838, 340, 341, 514G.

SKF – UJ338, UJ861, N1000, L600, UJ811, UJ812, UJ880, UJ340, UJ514G, UJ1501, UJ840, UJ838.

Rockwell – CP101X, 1FR.

Weasler – 200-0600, 200-0100, 200-1000, L6W, 200-7155, 200-6154, 6 Series, 1000 Series, 7 Series, 507-9518, 15160616, 107-20872, AW19 series, 3009-7106-00, AW10 Series, 212-26155, 15161016, 107-20561, 107-20872


For more information on the TSC range of Agriculture couplings go to https://twinspringcoupling.com/industries/agriculture-pto-and-jaw-coupling-alternatives/.

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