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Twin Spring Coupling TSC300 Automotive

TSC300 Auto is a replacement for universal joint in a driveshaft, steering, axle and any universal joint replacement. Replace any Spicer, SKF, Neapco or Moog universal joint coupling.
Couplings in the automotive industry have a number of issues to contend with, annual maintenance, the automobile has evolved but the technology that makes up the universal joint has not. Twin Spring Coupling TSC 300 Auto offers something different.

Traditional couplings have to be balanced and can only run at angles of 8° or less otherwise you get wear in the bearings within the propeller shaft of the universal joint.

The bearing races will start to wear on the outside which means the ball bearings will become loose and that creates vibration and with continual wear the ball bearings will fail.

Automotive Universal Joint replacement (Driveline, Steering & PTO)

TSC300 Automotive universal joints replacement

TSC300 Automotive universal Joints alternative. Nominal Torque: 300ft. lbs./295kw/3600 in lbs. Flexible: Up to 45°. High Speed: Up to 7000 RPM. No bearings to grease or replace when worn. Replaces Spicer, SKF, Moog, Neapco, GMB and all other universal joint manufacturers.

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