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Mechanical power transmission couplings

Mechanical power transmission couplings are flexible coupling units created to transfer mechanical power from one source to another. Traditionally these are couplings such as universal joints, jaw couplings, elastomeric couplings and other couplings like spring or grid couplings.
Traditionally these couplings require maintenance and replacement of internal components due to the design limitations of the technology
Universal Joints require constant greasing and the internal bearing cross be replaced due to wear, jaw couplings or elastomeric couplings are only able to flex 1/2 to 1 degree, anything beyond that means the edges of the elastomeric insert or “spider” wear and need replacing, the pressure connection of a standard elastomeric coupling also means by being compressed over time this compression means the spider stops absorbing as much of the vibration generated by the coupling being used and its degree of angular alignment. This means the spider insert will need to be replaced.


Ruland – UJ-HD1000, UJ-HD1125, UJ-HS875, JC jaw, MJC jaw couplings.
Guardian Couplings – Curved jaw 28/38 Red & Green, 38/45 White, 42/55 Blue, 48/60 Blue, Guardex M-65, Guardex I-45, LJW L110, LJW L150, LJW L190, LJW L225.
TB Woods – Dura-Flex WE20, Dura-Flex WE30, L Jaw L-100, AL-100, SS-100, L-110, AL-110, SS-110, L-150, AL-150, SS-150, L-190, L-225, L-276, G Flex grid coupling 1000T10 & 1000T20.
Lovejoy – L110, L100, L150, D-6B, D-7B, NB-8B, DD-7B, LOJ-10B, C226, C276 (SOX), CJ 42/55, CJ 48/60 (92A), CJ 38/45 (98/95A), CJ 38/45 (64D), Uniflex U-100S, Uniflex U150R, Saga S-15, S-Flex Size 7-10, DeltaFlex 50.
Belden – UJ-HD1500, UJ-HS1500, UJ-HD1750, UJ-HS1500, UJ-HS1750, UJ-NB1500x750, SS-UJ-NB1500x750
Curtis – CJ646B, CJ647B
Rexnord – Omega e15, e20, Omega HDY15, HDY20, Viva V150, V190,
Falk Wrapflex 20R.
SKF – FRC110, SKF Flex 70,80, 90, UJMB 32UJMA32. UJ995, UJ507, UJ880, 1200, 1800, UJ341AG, UJ813, UJ964, UJ934.
SIT – GU5P, GU5H, 65 red and green.
Boston Gear – FC30 XFCBB Bronze, FC38 XFCA Poly, FC45 Rubber XFCR, UJ-J175B, JS250B, JS300B, UJAS 16-16, UJNL 20-20.
KTR – Rotex AL-H 38,42,45 and GJL 38,42,45 (92A and 98A)
Martin Quadra Flex Size 10 Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR), Size 7 Hytrel.

Spicer – 5-443X, 5-3215X, 5-3233X, 5-3232X, 5-736X, 5-554X, 5-248X, 5-242X.
Neapco – 1200, 1-1275, 1800, 1-0221, 1-1001, 1-0443, 2-0456, 2000.
Moog – 237, 240, 437, 437G, 436, 466, 995.
SKF – UJ995, UJ507, UJ880, 1200, 1800, UJ341AG, UJ813, UJ964, UJ934.
Rockwell – CP456X, L12N, CP248X.
Weasler – 200-8261, 200-8370, 200-1200, 12RW, 200-7155, 12 series, 3200-8204, 3200-8202, 3010-7606-00, 3009-6206-00, 3002-7306-00, AW20 series, AB2 Series, AW11 Series, AB3 Series, 222-26141, 15161216.

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