TSC500 power transmission coupling

Twin Spring Coupling TSC500 Automotive

500 ft lb (nominal torque rated) replacement for universal joint in a driveshaft, steering, axle and any universal joint replacement. Replace any Spicer 1300-1310 u joint (models 5-3214x and 5-3213x) GKN, Moog and Neapco universal joint coupling.

Couplings in the automotive industry have a number of issues to contend with, annual maintenance, replacement of worn components, the automobile has evolved but the technology that makes up the universal joint has not. Twin Spring Coupling offers something different.

Twin Spring Coupling is different it replaces the entire U joint, yokes, propeller/cross bearings everything, with a simple one piece design. It can also replace any U joint off-road model as well.

Designed with no internal bearings, means our coupling is truly maintenance free, making it impervious to water, mud, dust, dirt and other contaminants. This saves time and on annual maintenance bills.


Spicer – 5-3214X, 5-3235X, 5-554X, 5-129X, 1240

Neapco – 1-1875, 1-2075, 2200, 1-0005, 2-2421.

Moog – 344, 880, 882, 814, 1300.

SKF – 2200, UJ344AG, UJ814, UJ815.

Rockwell – L14N.

 Weasler – 200-8474, 200-1400, 14 series, 14R, 200-1875, 200-7676, 200-6580, 3010-6606-00, 3009-7606-00, 3009-6406-00, AW21 series, AB4 Series.

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