New single direction Coupling now available, great for motors, pumps and conveyors application

Universal joint alternative -Twin Spring Coupling products alternatives to all other flexible shaft couplings

Single direction coupling by Twin Spring Coupling to add to our range of couplings.

Traditionally the couplings with its 2 springs, had one counter wound, so allowing the couplings to be multi directional.

We have had a number of customers in the industrial sector especially ask for a single direction coupler, especially as they didnt need the coupling running in both directions, like with motors and conveyor systems.

The couplings are still as flexible up to 45° and still have the maintenance free design. With them also available in all of the standard industry splines and shaft sizes (Up to 2 1/4″/58mm).

The new single direction version of the Twin Spring Coupling unit will apply to the 3 ranges – TSC 150 (150ft lbs./1800in lbs. static torque), TSC 300 (300ft lbs./3600in lbs. static torque) and TSC500 (500ft lbs./6000in lbs. static torque).

Twin Spring Coupling and its unique design allows engineers to built a better piece of equipment, because they are not designing around the weakest point, that being the power transmission coupling.

Tradition couplings like the universal joint, also called a cardan joint require constant greasing, some requiring greasing every 8 hours and replacement of components like the bearing cross or block and pins. Other couplings like the jaw coupling is only flexible to 1°.

No spider inserts, no bearings = no maintenance.

This small angle of use means when any variation of the operating angle occurs (weight differences on a conveyor belt as an example) the elastomeric insert or “spider” due to it looking like a spider, means the inserts “legs” start to wear, this shortens the life of it, also due to the material of the softer coupling, Nitrile Rubber or NBR and Urethane absorb shock through the coupling.

This shock absorption comes at a price, as the two hubs of the jaw coupling press the soft material to a point where it starts to be compressed and loses its shock absorption ability. With the insert, if it fails the coupling can still continue working even for a short time, thus its considered a “safety” coupling.

So these traditional couplings have their down sides, those down sides we have designed around.

Twin Springs absorb vibration, like a elastomeric insert does, but requires no replacement.

The use of the dual springs have a purpose, 1. Springs flexibility means it can be as flexible as a universal joint but without the bearings and all the related maintenance involved in using them. 2. The spring coils are made with a gap between each coil, this allows for a degree of shock absorption much like the jaw/elastomeric couplings.

Shear Pin added for extra safety.

Added to that is the fact the twin springs sets are held together by a shear pin. This shear pin means much like the elastomeric couplings that if the equipment is overloaded or jammed up the shear pins will break allowing the coupling to take the excess force and prevent equipment damage.

The couplings simple design means the only moving part is the pre-greased central ball bearing, this means a coupling that is longer lasting, with less maintenance. This means a better ROI for equipment manufacturing customers.

The Twin Spring Couplings are priced comparably with the other traditional couplings so that means even more savings

Twin Spring Coupling replaces the following couplings



Ruland – UJ-HD1250, UJ-HS1125, UJ-HD1000-1125, UJ-HS875, UJ- HD875, UJ-HS 750, USC32-16-16-F, USKC32-16-16-F, JC jaw, MJC jaw couplings.

Guardian Couplings – Curved jaw 28/38 Green, Red, Blue, 38/45 Red, 42/55 White, 48/60 White, Guardex M-80, Guardex I-65, Guardex M-65, Guardex I-45 Guardex M-48, Guardex I-32, LJW L100, LJW L110, LJW L150, LJW L190, LJW L225.

TB Woods – Dura-Flex WE10, WE20, WE30 WE40, L100, L110, L150, AL150, SS150, L190, L225, L276, G Flex Biddy coupling 1000T10, 1000T20, Sure-Flex Size 8-10.

Lovejoy – L100, AL100, LC-100, L110, AL11O, LC110, L150, AL150, LC150, L190, AL190, LC190, L225, AL225, LC225, D-5B, D-6B, D-7B, D-8B, NB-8B, NB-10B, DD-7B, LOJ-10B, C226, C276 (SOX), CJ 55/70, CJ 65/75 (92A), CJ 42/55, CJ 48/60, CJ55/70 (98/95A), CJ 42/55 , CJ 48/60 (64D), Uniflex U-100R, Uniflex U-150R, Saga S-13, S-15, S1-8, S-Flex 6 -12, DeltaFlex 40/40HT, DeltaFlex 50, Deltaflex 50HT/60, Grid 1020, 1030, 1040.

Belden –UJ-HD2000, UJ-HD2500, UJ-HS1750, UJ-HS2000, UJ-NB2000x1000, SS-UJ-NB2000x1000, UJ-HD1500, UJ-HS1500, UJ-HD1750, UJ-NB1500x750, SS-UJ-NB1500x750, – UJ-HD1250, UJ- HS1000, UJ-HS1250, UJ-NB1000x500

Curtis – CJ648B, CJ646B, CJ647B, CJ644, CJ645.

KTR – Rotex AL-H 28, 38, 42, 48 (42-92A) 48-92A, GJL 38, 42, 48, 55, 65 (48 92-98, 55 92-98) (65 -92A).

SKF – FRC70 – FRC110, SKF Flex 70 -100, UJMA40, UJMA32, UJMB32, UJMA25. UJ338, UJ861, N1000, L600, UJ811, UJ812, UJ880, UJ340, UJ514G, UJ1501, UJ840, UJ838, UJ995, UJ507, UJ880, 1200, 1800, UJ341AG, UJ813, UJ964, UJ934, 2200, UJ344AG, UJ814, UJ815, PHE L100, PHE L110, PHE L150, PHE L190, PHE L225.

Falk – Wrapflex 10R, 20R, 30R, Steelflex 1020T10, 1020T20, 1030T10, 1030T20, 1040T10, 1040T20.

Boston Gear – FC30 XFCBB Bronze, FC38 XFCA Poly, FC45 Rubber XFCR, XFCA Poly, UJ-J175B, JS250B, JS300B, UJAS 16-16, UJNL 20-20, J200B, UJNL 24-24, FC25 XFCBB, FC30 XFCA Poly, FC38 Rubber XFCR, J150B, JS175B, JS200B, UJAS 12-12, UJNL 16-16.

Rexnord – Omega E10, E15, E20, E30, E40, Omega HDY5, HDY10, HDY15, HDY20, HDY30, Viva V130, V150, V190, V215.

Dodge – Grid-Lign 1020T10, 1020T20, 1030T10, 1030T20, 1040T10, 1040T20.

Kop Flex – Kop Grid 1020H, 1020V, 1030H, 1030V, 1040H, 1040V.

SIT – GU6P- GU7P, GU6E-GU7E, GU6H-GU7H, Trasco ES 75 red and green, Trasco ES 55 red and green, 65 yellow, 65 red and green.

Martin – Quadra Flex Size 8, 9 ,10, 11 TPR, Size 6, 7, 8 Hytrel, ML100, ML110, ML150, ML190, ML225, MS100, MS110, MS150, MS190, MS225.

Spicer – 5-264X, 5-443X, 5-3214X, 5-110X, 5-3215X, 5-3235X, 5-103X, 5-3233X, 5-554X, 5-110X, 5-3232X, 5-129X, 1240, 5-170X, 5-736X, 5-101X, 5-554X, 5-105X, 5-248X, 5-92X, 5-242X, 24-92X.

Neapco – 1-0170, 1-0675, 1200, 1-1875, 1-1475, 1-1275, 1-2075, N1000, 1800, 2200, L600, 1-0221, 1-0005, 1-0616, 1-1001, 2-2421, 1-0475, 1-0443, 1-0121, 2-0456, 1-0300, 2000, 1-0105, 1-0171.

Moog –   338, 838, 237, 344, 340, 240, 880, 341, 437, 882, 437G, 814, 1300, 514G, 436, 466, 995.

Rockwell – CP101X, 1FR, CP456X, L14N, L12N, CP248X

Weasler – 200-0600, 200-0100, 200-8261, 200-8474, 200-1000, 200-8370, 200-1400, 14 series, L6W, 200-1200, 14R, 200-7155, 12RW, 200-1875, 200-6154, 6 Series, 1000 Series, 7 Series, 200-7155, 12 series, 200-7676, 507-9518, 15160616, 3200-8204, 200-6580, 3010-6606-00, 3009-7606-00, 3009-6406-00, AW21 series, AB4 Series, 107-20872, AW19 series, 3009-7106-00, AW10 Series, 212-26155, 15161016, 107-20561, 107-20872, 3200-8202, 3010-7606-00, 3009-206-00, 3002-7306-00, AW20 series, AB2 Series, AW11 Series, AB3 Series, 222-26141, 15161216.

For more information got to Coupling products.



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