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Elastomeric couplings are flexible shaft couplings with a elastomeric center, this allows for some flexibility (Less than 4°) but can run at high speed and in hostile environments (water dust etc) Twin Spring Couplings can also run in those same hostile environments but can also run at up to 45° at high speed with high nominal torque.

No need to use universal joints whos central bearings wont work in these environments, use Twin Spring couplings instead.

Replace Rexnord Omega Orange, Lovejoy S Flex, SKF Sure Flex, TB Woods Dura Flex, Lovejoy Saga S series, Boston Gear and Guardian couplings


Elastomeric couplings – The 2 spider insert trade offs

Elastomeric Couplings - Twin Spring Coupling components

Elastomeric couplings come in many shapes, sizes and capabilities. Lets break these down into what’s currently available and how they work or don’t work for the average user. So why use Elastomeric couplings then? What’s the options, there are a number of elastomeric type couplings. It depends a lot on what the industry is. Is […]

Elastomeric Couplings – Spider insert flexibility verses Torque

Elastomeric couplings

Elastomeric couplings, long used in different industries like food, beverage, mining, industrial. The common contaminants factor in their usage such as water, dust makes them the better choice over uni joints. These kind of contaminants are problematic with other couplings such as universal joints due to the bearings used to make these coupling flexible failing […]