Flex Coupling technology to replace Universal Joints and Lovejoy couplings.

The Mining industry either below or above ground is tough on all equipment, water, dirt, dust, debris all take their toll on equipment.

Couplings especially take the worst of it, as even though the industry use U joints offroad rated they still contain delicate internal bearings that will cause them to fail.

Whether it being mining vehicles, submerged pumps, conveyor rollers and more the standard CV, Universal joint and bearings just cant take the punishment.

These wear parts are all the things that a proper PM (Preventative Maintenance) program is constantly replacing, but even with a program in place any of these parts can fail early due to their construction.

A CV joint with its 10 moving parts fails because any debris that enters the joint will result in its early failure, a universal joint has the same issues, because regardless of the joint unless the joint is encased it will always fail early.

Twin Spring’s Coupling are lubricated and encased at time of manufacture which means no water, dirt, dust or debris can enter the coupling resulting in early failure.

The encasement also means it can be used in hazardous environments, ie areas of gas build up

Being made up of a set of counter wound springs means it is multi directional, so it will work on almost all equipment.

No maintenance means less down time with equipment waiting to be repaired or out of service to be maintained both costs money

Can be used in conjunction with an impact coupler, roof bolting systems etc.

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