Mining equipment power transmission couplings to replace Universal Joints and jaw couplings.

The Mining industry either below or above ground is tough on all equipment, water, dirt, dust, debris all take their toll on equipment.

Couplings especially take the worst of it, as even though the industry use Spicer U joints off-road rated they still contain delicate internal bearings that will cause them to fail.

Whether it being mining vehicles, submerged pumps, conveyor rollers and more the Universal joint and bearings just cant take the punishment.

These wear parts are all the things that a proper PM (Preventative Maintenance) program is constantly replacing, but even with a program in place any of these parts can fail early due to their construction.

Twin Spring’s Coupling are lubricated and encased at time of manufacture which means no water, dirt, dust or debris can enter the coupling resulting in early failure.

The encasement also means it can be used in hazardous environments, ie areas of gas build up.

Being made up of a set of counter wound springs means it is multi directional, so it will work on almost all equipment.

No maintenance means less down time with mining equipment waiting to be repaired or out of service to be maintained both costs money.

By having no internal components that will not fail due to water impregnation, as is common with universal joints the Twin Spring Coupling’s design allows for longer running, no maintenance and that adds up to money saved, from improved downtime of mining equipment to reduction in spare parts inventory needed to be on hand in case of failure.

Can be used in conjunction with an impact coupler, roof bolting systems etc.

Available in PTO, Keyway and various spline options, connection sizes range from 1/2″ through to 1 3/4″


Spicer – 5-264X, 5-443X, 5-3214X, 5-110X, 5-3215X, 5-3235X, 5-103X, 5-3233X, 5-554X, 5-110X, 5-3232X, 5-129X, 1210, 1100, 1000SG, 1240, 5-170X, 5-736X, 5-101X, 5-105X, 5-248X, 5-92X, 5-242X, 24-92X.

Moog – 338, 838, 237, 344, 340, 240, 880, 341, 437, 882, 437G, 814, 1300, 514G, 436, 466, 995.

Neapco – 1-0170, 1-0675, 1200, 1-1875, 1-1475, 1-1275, 1-2075, N1000, 1800, 2200, L600, 1-0221, 1-0005, 1-0616, 1-1001, 2-2421, 1-0475, 1-0443, 1-0121, 2-0456
, 1-0300, 2000, 1-0105, 1-0171.

Lovejoy – D-4B, LOJ-6B, DD-3B, DD-4B series, D-5B, NB-6B, DD-5B, DD-6B, LOJ-8B series, D-6B, D-7B, NB-8B, DD-7B, LOJ-10B series D-8B, NB-10B, DD-8B series, Timken

Belden –UJ-HD2000, UJ-HD2500, UJ-HS1750, UJ-HS2000, UJ-NB2000x1000, SS-UJ-NB2000x1000, UJ-HD1500, UJ-HS1500, UJ-HD1750, UJ-HS1500, UJ-HS1750, UJ-NB1500x750, SS-UJ-NB1500x750, UJ-HD1250, UJ- HS1000, UJ-HS1250, UJ-NB1000x500.

Boston Gear –  FC45 XFCA Poly, J200, UJAS 16-16, UJNL 24-24, FC30 XFCBB Bronze, FC38 XFCA Poly, FC45 Rubber XFCR, UJ-J175, JS250, JS300, UJAS 16-16, UJNL 20-20, FC25 XFCBB, FC30 XFCA Poly, FC38 Rubber XFCR, J150, JS175, JS200, UJAS 12-12, UJNL 16-16.

SIT – GU series.

Rockwell – CP101X, 1FR, CP456X, L14N, L12N, CP248X.

Weasler – 200-0600, 200-0100, 200-8261, 200-8474, 200-1000, 200-8370, 200-1400, 14 series, L6W, 200-1200, 14R, 200-7155, 12RW, 200-1875, 200-6154, 6 Series, 1000 Series, 7 Series, 200-7155, 12 series, 200-7676, 507-9518, 15160616,  3200-8204, 200-6580, 3010-6606-00, 3009-7606-00, 3009-6406-00, AW21 series, AB4 Series, 107-20872, AW19 series, 3009-7106-00, AW10 Series, 212-26155, 15161016, 107-20561, 107-20872, 3200-8202, 3010-7606-00, 3009-6206-00
, 3002-7306-00, AW20 series, AB2 Series, AW11 Series, AB3 Series, 222-26141, 15161216.

BondioliSFT S2, S3, Global G2, G3.

WalterscheidG2100, G2200,G2300([email protected]), P300 ([email protected]), W300E, W200E, W100E.

TB Woods – Dura Flex WE40, L150, AL150, SS150, L190, L225, L276, G Flex grid coupling 1000T10 – 1000T20- 1050 & 1060, Dura Flex WE20, WE30, L Jaw L-100, AL-100, SS-100, L-110, AL-110, SS-110, G Flex grid coupling 1000T10 & 1000T20 -1040, Dura Flex WE10, L Jaw L090, L100, AL100, SS100, G Flex grid coupling 1000T10-1030.

Martin – Quadra Flex Size 11 Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR), Size 8 Hytrel, Quadra Flex Size 10 Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR), Size 7 Hytrel, Quadra Flex Size 8-9 Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR), Size 6 Hytrel.

Rexnord – Omega E30, E40, Omega HDY 30, Viva V190, V215, Falk Wrapflex 30R, Omega E15, E20, Omega HDY 15, HDY-20, Viva V150, V190, Falk Wrapflex 20R, Omega E10, E15, Omega HDY 5, HDY10, Viva V130.

KTR – Rotex AL-H 38/42/48 (42-92A) 48-92A, GJL 42/48/55/65 (48 92-98/55 92-98) (65 -92A), Rotex AL-H 38,42,45, GJL 38,42,45 (92A and 98A), Rotex AL-H 28/38 (92,98, 64) 38-92A, GJL 38 (92A).

Product Range


Lovejoy C-276  jaw coupling  (SOX, Buna-N models) replace with the TSC500 T6061 T6 Aluminum alternative. A no maintenance, spider free alternative. Capable of speeds up to 7000 rpm. Flexible to 25° verses the 1° with the SOX, Buna-N C-type jaw couplings. Able to handle 6000 in lbs./495Kw @ 7000 rpm torque. Replace Lovejoy, Ruland, Guardian Couplings, TB Woods, KTR, SKF, Boston Gear, SIT, Martin and all other jaw coupling manufacturers. Part Number : 68514426055.


TSC300 Mining universal joint alternative for driveshaft, equipment, conveyors and attachments. Nominal Torque: 300ft lbs./295kw/3600 in lbs. Flexible: Up to 45°. High Speed: Up to 7000 RPM. No bearings to grease or replace when worn. Replace Weasler, Walterscheid, Neapco, Bondioli, Spicer, SKF, Lovejoy, Belden, Ruland, Curtis, Moog and all other universal joint manufacturers.


TSC500 Mining universal joint and elastomeric coupling alternative for driveshaft, equipment, conveyors and attachments. Nominal Torque: 500ft lbs./495kw/6000 in lbs. Flexible: Up to 35°. High Speed: Up to 7000 RPM. No bearings to grease or elastomeric insert replace when worn. Replace Weasler, Walterscheid, Neapco, Bondioli, Spicer, SKF, Lovejoy, Belden, Ruland, Curtis, Moog and all other universal joint manufacturers.