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Twin Spring Coupling to replace servo couplings and universal joint

Spring couplings exist in a number of form, and vary widely in construction and capacity

Spring coupling with the coil end pressed into the hub is a cheap common spring coupling, but it cant run at high speed or take high torque and isnt flexible.

Spring Couplings like Beam couplings are high speed, low torque and low flexibility, commonly used in servo motors and pumps, its low torque and flexibility mean it has to be installed very precisely or it will fail quickly

Multi spring coupling like the Lovejoy Uniflex series is a number of springs layered together and welded onto the hubs, this means it cannot take high torque due to the welding process and is not very flexible.

Grid coupling is another coupling with a spring in its core, it can handle medium speeds and high torque but again isnt flexible past 1 degree or less, this means precise installation.

Twin Spring Coupling offers the best of all couplings without the downside, able to handle high speed, high angular misalignment and high torque makes it a clear winner amongst spring couplings.

Grid couplings are they the right choice for you?

Grid coupling or Biddy Coupling replacement

Grid couplings or Biddy Couplings are flexible couplings used in high torque, low misalignment applications. Biddy couplings were originally invented by Dr James Biddy in 1917, by mating two shafts together with hubs and a specially wound and tempered spring to allow the two shafts to become angularly misaligned. Grid couplings small amount of angular […]

Spring Couplings – Something new to replace your other spring couplings

Spring Couplings alternative

Spring couplings are nothing new on the power transmission coupling marketplace until now. Their maintenance free design makes them a good alternative to the likes of a jaw coupling or universal joint. They are varied in their appearance, size, torque capability, price points and flexibility. Spring in outer hub. Multiple layer springs. Spline cut from […]

Mechanical power transmission couplings replaces uni joints, jaw couplings, grid couplings too

Spring couplings - flexible coupling replaces universal joints, servo, beam, bellows and elastomeric couplings

Mechanical power transmission couplings by Twin Spring coupling is stronger, runs faster and is more flexible than all other spring couplings. Spring Couplings are another form of flexible shaft coupling but usually down at the lower end of the market, as they usually have a low ability to transfer torque and to run at high […]

Best Industrial power transmission couplings for 2021

Best Industrial power transmission couplings for 2021 The best industrial power transmission couplings for the mass industrial market are broken roughly into these 5 types of couplings, some have subsets as well, the elastomeric couplings have jaw couplings as segment where some people treat them as a category by themselves. These couplings are also constructed […]