Universal joint replace with the new TSC150


Universal joint replacement the new TSC150, a new flexible shaft coupling unit.

Pearl River New York – Twin Spring Coupling announced today the release of its 3rd product line the TSC150.
Twin Spring Couplings patented design allows the power transmission coupling to do the job of two different flexible shaft coupling technologies in the one ( A universal joint and a jaw coupling) , as well as offering a truly maintenance free product as it contains no bearings or spider inserts like with the jaw couplings.

The Twin Spring Coupling TSC150 can handle high speed/low misalignment, while being more flexible than the current industrial couplings due to its dual spring construction. Typically, industrial couplings can only work at +/-2° out of alignment before they start to wear out the spider insert,

It can also run at lower speeds and higher misalignment like the industry standard universal joint, which requires constant maintenance (greasing and worn bearing replacement).
Adding to that, Twin Spring Coupling’s one-piece design also means no broken yokes which is another area of product failure with universal joints and jaw couplings.

The Twin Spring Coupling is torque rated to 150 ft lbs of torque and can run at speeds of up to 6000 RPM at low degrees of misalignment.

There are two major type of couplings on the market today, universal joints and jaw couplings. These two make up the vast majority of the power transmission couplings in the marketplace. The universal joint has internal components that wear (friction bearings and needle bearings) this requires constant maintenance and replacement of these worn components.

Universal joints while cheap also have two issues speed and maintenance. Speed is a limiting factor for the cheap universal joint, its friction bearing design means as RPMs increase so does the heat the coupling generates. This means universal joint manufacturers have to limit the speed these couplings are allowed to do, so that limit is set to 1750 RPM, more than that the warranty is voided. To get over that speed issue they  produce what’s called needle bearing uni joints.

These can run faster, up to 6000 RPM but this means also the bearings need to be greased often otherwise the needle will heat up and seize inside the bearing itself, meaning the joint will need to be disassembled and the 4 bearings replaced and re-greased. Universal joint manufacturers have created premium bearings so there is less greasing involved, but that premium also comes at a far higher price.

Even premium bearings will wear and wear quicker if used at a increased angle of misalignment, that means the more of an angle they are used at the quicker they wear out, the same also goes for the friction bearing uni joint also.

Jaw couplings also have internal components called inserts or spider inserts, they are made of different materials dependent on the customers requirements. Some are more flexible than others allowing the jaw couplings a certain degree of flexibility (less than 5 degrees). Much like the universal joint these spider inserts also need to be replaced in time as the materials deteriorate with use.

Our couplings have been recognized to offer the best of both world in coupling technology and we have been asked to make something to fit the needs of industrial customers to replace jaw couplings or elastomeric couplings, and for smaller applications like steering in the auto industry as well.

Offered in sizes equal to the Lovejoy D-4, D-5, D-6 and NB-4, NB-6 and the Lovejoy jaw couplings L070, L090, L095. Shaft sizes included 1/4″ to 3/4″ Keyway, Square and Hex. It also replaces universal joints from the likes of Belden and Ruland, as well as SKF and Spicer.

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TSC 150 Power transmission couplings

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