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Industry replacement couplings by Twin Spring coupling flexible coupling replaces universal joints, servo, beam, bellows and elastomeric couplings

Good morning and welcome to the new Twin Spring Coupling

We are making some changes now we are starting to expand.

We are adding a blog to give you more information about what we do and new customers and how they use our flexible shaft couplings, showing you how our couplings are replacements for a wide variety of traditional couplings. Traditional couplings like universal joints which are used in a number of industries, beam couplings and bellows couplings are used in servo motor applications , where zero backlash is required. Another is elastomeric couplings, they are broken into a number of different offerings, the most well known is the jaw coupling L100 etc.

We have a new better option to these power transmission couplings, most have a number of components like bearings or a spider insert so they need to be maintained and eventually replaced when they wear out. We offer a simple one piece coupling which can handle the torque of applications usually handled by universal joints or the high speed of industrial couplings like the beam couplings and jaw couplings.

We are also adding new products to our range, products we have been asked to produce both smaller (100-150ft lbs capacity) as well as larger models.

The smaller couplings have been requested by the auto industry for potential steering applications as well as the same couplings have been requested by the industrial industry as well, to replace servo, jaw and beam couplings.

Please subscribe or check back regularly as we overhaul our site and add more information, tips and tricks to help you utilise your couplings.

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