TSC 150 Power transmission coupling technology to replace industrial universal joint, jaw couplings and beam coupling

Twin Spring coupling TSC150 flexible coupling replaces industrial universal joints, servo, beam, bellows and elastomeric couplings like Lovejoy, Ruland, TB Woods

150ft. lbs. (203 n.m) torque rated.

  • A new maintenance free alternative to Jaw type Couplings and universal joints – Beam, Bellows, Servo, Jaw. Brands like Lovejoy, Ruland, TB Woods,
  • High speed high torque than standard couplings at low angles of misalignment but capable of use of up to 30°
  • Able to absorb impacts with its twin spring design
  • Bi directional high-low speed design
  • No moving parts, no bearings so no greasing and regreasing required, this saves you time and money No vibration​
  • Springs allow transfer shock to be absorbed, nullifying “jackhammer” shock and reducing the chance of damage to the powertrain.
  • 90+% efficient, torque is absorbed and transferred making it one of the most fuel efficient power coupling units available
  • ISO9001 2007 manufactured

Small couplings have usually been those of the industrial couplings (beam, bellows, elastomeric / jaw type coupling).

For their needs, high speed low angles of misalignment these couplings offer performance over that of the universal joint, who needs to be maintained, have a limit of how fast they can run and the 3 piece design (propeller joint and 2 yokes).

Lovejoy couplings are probably the most well known but the technology for jaw couplings is identical regardless of manufacturer. 3 pieces, a input hub or yoke, an output and a spider or urethane insert is the most common configuration. Lovejoy also make universal joints at the smaller end like their D-4 and D-6 uni joints. Smaller block and pin design universal joints as well as the needle bearing NB range also are available in the sub 3600 inch lbs range. The block and pin is only rated to 1750 RPM where the NB range can run up to 6000 RPM.

Regardless of configuration there is still 3 components in each of these jaw or uni joint couplings, where with Twin Spring Coupling we design our coupling to be a 1 piece design with no wear parts like spiders or universal joint crosses that need to be maintained.

So this has meant these industrial couplings allow only a few degree of misalignment which means anything over 4° leads to premature failure of these couplings.

We at Twin Spring Coupling offer something different, a high speed, high rigidity coupling that is flexible to over 10°. This allows design engineers to redesign their equipment without the worry of these premature failures and in today’s 24/7 systems that require as little downtime as possible this comes as a welcome change to be able to get the most out of their designs without downtime and lost productivity.


Helical – Beam and Servo couplings W, DS, MCA,MC7, A and H series

Ruland –  Jaw F series beam, P series beam, BC bellows MB bellows, JC jaw , MJC jaw coupling

Guardian Couplings – Dynaline 1d-4d, Curved jaw 28/38, 38/45, 42/55,48/60, Guardex M-45/m-65/m-80/m-100, Spec I-32 Spec I-45 Spec I-65, Flexible Membrane coupling model 66, Oldham coupling 57, multibeam coupling 57, 64

TB Woods – Dura Flex WE2-WE10, L Jaw L090/L100/AL100/SS100/L110/AL110/SS110, L150/AL150/SS150  G Flex grid coupling 1000T10 1020-1030, 1000T20 1020-1030

Lovejoy – CJ28/38, CJ24/32, D3, D4, LOJ6, DD3, DD4 Uni joint D5, NB6, DD5, DD6, LOJ8, Uniflex 137 reg

R+W America – Precision Coupling BK series metal couplings Elastomeric coupling EK

Tsubaki – L099/L100, L110 L110A

Belden – UJ-HD UJ-HS Needle-Bearing universal joints UJ-NB MIL-DTL-6193D MS20270 (Military specs)

SIT – Trasco ES, Servo Plus 45

KTR – Rotex Jaw coupling

GMB – ST1XXXX (steering uni)




Altra motion Control

Twin Spring coupling TSC150 flexible coupling replaces industrial universal joints, servo, beam, bellows and elastomeric couplings like Lovejoy, Ruland, TB Woods
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Industrial power transmission couplings

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Industrial power transmission couplings

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