Twin Spring Coupling products now ISO9001:2015 standard

Twin Spring coupling flexible coupling replaces universal joints, servo, beam, bellows and elastomeric couplings

Twin Spring Coupling does a QA system resolve fundamental design flaws like that in a universal joint?

Twin Spring Coupling with its alliance with Yuanlu announces all our products are now ISO9001 QA certified.
The certification is important especially after we have seen the universal joint/yoke failures in the Ford range of Transit vans and their subsequent recall of 330,000 vehicles, which has cost Ford billions . The traditional universal joint with its 3 piece design has 3 times the amount of things that can wrong with the verses the one-piece Twin Spring Coupling design.

“The alliance means we can produce a quality product we can stand behind with confidence and our customers feel safe their couplings are built to the highest standards” says Darren Finch Founder and CEO of Twin Spring Coupling.

“The traditional couplings like beam or L090 Jaw couplings are great products for what they do, well designed and built but even they have issues with flexibility, its a solution that machine designers had to design around, but not anymore”.

The QA systems have become the standard now for hi-tech industries like the automotive industry especially now in the age of self-driving vehicles as a human able to detect issues that at the moment a self-driving car cannot.

Industrial distribution is also another area of where the Twin Spring Coupling’s flexible coupling unit can help with the automation of industry and Industry 4.0, so the uptime requirements that means it is essential the components on these 24/7/365 machines are built to the highest standard, that being ISO9001.

Universal Joints the industry standard in most motion control applications are built using ISO standards but the actual product design itself, is where the multiple components that require constant maintenance means that ISO9001 cannot resolve fundamental flaws in the design, let the Ford Transit van recall be a lesson in QA, Quality systems are important but they are not designed to solve design flaws, just limit the issues.

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