Spring’s here – its universal joint maintenance time.

Universal Joint and power transmission couplings

So the weather is changing, the short cold days of winter are starting to recede. Now is the time of the service manager starting to his maintenance schedule for plant and equipment.

Couplings come into play here as the constant greasing of universal joints and replacement of worn bearings/yokes for the Auto and Ag industries where the Industrial sector will be looking at the replacement of worn beam or elastomeric couplings.

The spiders in the L Jaw style Industrial couplings have to be inspected for potential replacement and yokes/hubs must be inspected for any potential cracking. The loss of a cheap part to failure and stopping production is not worth the price. The low angle that the beam and bellows coupling can operate under means these couplings must be inspected also so any line where load weights vary can mean increased wear and cracking.

The constant maintenance that is required to use these old style couplings makes an alternative like Twin Spring Coupling well worth considering, no bearings so no greasing, can work of angles of 25 degree taking into account both beam/bellows and universal joints without the maintenance.

Happy Spring and remember coupling maintenance is essential to keep your machinery moving.


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