Covid 19 and coupling maintenance

Covid 19 means less people means less coupling maintenance means more breakdowns

In times of crisis like we are living through now we have less people to do the work that needs to be done as most people are at home trying to steer clear of contracting or worse spreading the Covid 19 virus. This included maintenance of machinery needed to serve our society’s needs of goods and services.

This lack of maintenance while we all hope is only short lived can still create issues, with failure of industrial couplings like beam and bellows couplings used to run servo motors, pumps, material handling equipment. These couplings while normally rock solid have their frailties as well, mainly the fact they cant be used more than a few degrees out of alignment before they rapidly wear or fail totally. The issue here is with no-one to be inspecting and replacing them as they wear, the failure of a coupling leads to a unexpected shutdown, which can lead to delivery holdups, damaged equipment and more.

Other couplings like universal joints which are used in other equipment like vehicles, conveyor equipment, farm equipment (attachments, harvesters, spreaders, feeders etc) all require constant greasing otherwise the internal bearings will seize and lead to broken universal cross joint, which will need to be replaced, adding to that the yokes containing the cross joint also can crack as well.

While we all hope to get back to a normal life lets hope the couplings we use can carry on their job without failing.

We at Twin Spring Coupling are sequestered in our homes with a small team (observing the CDC recommendations) to be able to keep our customers supplied.

Until next time be safe

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