Ruland DCD16-5-5-A Aluminum Disc Coupling

Ruland DCD16-5-5-A Aluminum Disc Coupling

Ruland DCD16-5-5-A is a clamp double disc coupling with 0.3125″ x 0.3125″ bores, 1.000″ OD, and 1.374″ length.

It is zero-backlash and has a balanced design for reduced vibration at high speeds. The double disc design is comprised of two anodized aluminum hubs, two sets of thin stainless steel disc springs, and a center spacer allowing each disc to bend individually and accommodate all types of misalignment.

DCD16-5-5-A is lightweight and has low inertia making it well suited for applications with speeds up to 10,000 RPM. Hardware is metric and tests beyond DIN 912 12.9 standards for maximum torque capabilities.

Ruland manufactures DCD16-5-5-A to be torsionally rigid and an excellent fit for precise positioning stepper servo applications commonly found in semiconductor, solar, printing, machine tool, and test and measurement systems. It is machined from solid bar stock that is sourced exclusively from North American mills and RoHS3 and REACH compliant.

DCD16-5-5-A is manufactured in our Marlborough, MA factory under strict controls using proprietary processes.


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