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TB Woods 2AK741 V-Belt Sheave

FHP Sheave, A-4L-3L Belt Section, 7.25 O.D. in., 2 Grooves, Cast Iron Material
Model: 2AK741
TB Wood’s light-duty sheaves are available in two types, both with one and two grooves. "AK" sheaves are made to accommodate A (4L) belts; "BK" sheaves are made for A (4L) or B (5L) belts. The two lines of sheaves have identical pitch diameters when using A or 4L belts. Wood’s light-duty sheaves can be equipped with Wood’s "QT" Sure-Grip QD-type bushings, quick-detachable tapered bushings that are split through flange and tapered surface to provide a true clamp that is comparable to a shrink fit.

TB Woods 363B Sheave

Classical Sheave, A-B Belt Section, 3.95 O.D. in., 3 Grooves, Ductile Iron Material

Model: 363B
TB Wood’s Classical (also known as Conventional) V-belts include five cross sections: A, B, C, D, and E. These sections are a continuing development of the original V-belts of the 1930’s. A, B, C, and D belts are available in wrapped or cog construction and all are static conducting, and oil and heat resistant. (Note: E section V-belts are available for replacement on existing drives, but are not recommended for new drive designs.)

TB Woods 3V603

TB Woods 3V603 Narrow V-Belt Sheave, 3V Belt Section, 3 Grooves, SDS Bushing required, Cast Iron, 6" OD
  • Narrow Sheave, 3V Belt Section, 6 O.D. in., 3 Grooves, Cast Iron Material

    Model: 3V603
    TB Wood’s Narrow (Ultra-V) sheaves include three cross sections: 3v, 5v and 8v and are constructed of fine grain, high tensile cast iron and have been carefully engineered to assure maximum performance over a long life span. For applications with special requirements, Wood’s sheaves are also available on a made-to-order basis in either cast or ductile iron, in Sure-Grip® or bored-to-suit construction.