Bellows Coupling replacement technology - same high speed, higher torque and more flexible.

What Twin Spring Coupling can do for you

  • Speeds: Up to 7000 rpm
  • Peak Torque Largest Size ft lbs 150ft lbs (203Nm) to 500ft lbs (678 Nm)
  • Standard Coupling sizes .6 – 2 1/4” (15-58mm)
  • Flexible to 45 degrees.
  • Temperature: -20° to +290°F , (-4° to +140°C)
  • Connection: Spline (Square, Hex, Keyway, No Keyway
  • Minimal backlash
  • Springs absorb vibration
  • No moving parts
  • One piece design 

Bellows couplings, similar to single beam or multi beam couplings, very rigid but with the downside of not being very flexible. You need a strong coupling but with some flex.

The power transmission coupling world has two offerings – high speed small angle of misalignment or lower speed , higher angle of misalignment but more maintenance.

Twin Spring now offers you the best of both worlds.

A high speed rigid coupling at low angles and a maintenance free high speed flexible coupling at higher speeds
How do we make the flex coupling work?

Bellows Couplings or a High Torque and high flexibility alternative as well as high speed – The Twin Springs patented design means the springs act like a beam coupling at low angles but more like a universal joint (angle wise anyway) at high angles, but since it contains no bearings unlike a universal joint our flexible coupling product is maintenance free.

So without bearings the coupling doesn’t need to be regularly greased, saving time and money on maintenance.

High torque is another area where our flexible couplings excel where other couplings can only take small amounts of torque, the design of the couplings means they cant take torque without failing. With the thickness of the Twin springs we can handle torque loads only seen in universal joints.

The Bellows coupling has a great torsional stiffness which restricts its angular misalignment capabilities, so users either have to use a jaw coupling or elastomeric but that means there is an insert to be maintained and replaced when worn.

Why keep greasing and replacing worn universal joints bearings or worn out spiders in L type jaw couplings.

Used in servo and stepper motors, zero backlash is whats needed especially for precision instruments, but not all the time for pumps and motors, when you have a situation like that, a bellows coupling isn’t always the best option.

If the coupling is only able to handle a low amount of torque, being forced to buy the bigger coupling at a far higher price means equipment ROI is reduced.

So high speed, increased torque loads, increased angles of misalignment and no maintenance, what are you waiting for call us today to solve your coupling nightmares.




Ruland – BC series, BCK series, BS series, BSK series, MBC series, MBCK series, MBS series and MBSK series.

Lovejoy – BWLC-91, BWC-41, 

R+W – BK1, BK2, BKH, BKL, BKC, BKM, BKS series.

Huco – Bellows Flex-K 555.90, 554.90, 555.82, 555.110, 555.122, 866.50

MW Components – SSC series.

Ringfeder – GWB AKD series, GWB Z5106,

Candy Controls – CL series.

GAM – EKM700, EKM500, ESM-A-700, ESM-A-500, EKZ series, KM series, KP series, KG series.

KTR – Rotex AL-H 38/42/48 (42-92A) 48-92A, GJL 42/48/55/65 (48 92-98/55 92-98) (65 -92A).

SKF – FRC230, SKF Flex 140, UJMA40.

Boston Gear – FC45 XFCA Poly, J200B, UJAS 16-16, UJNL 24-24.

Rexnord – Omega E30, E40, Omega HDY 30, Viva 190 – 215,

Falk – Wrapflex 30R.

SIT – GU5P, GU5E, GU5H, Trasco ES 75 red and green.

Martin – Quadra Flex Size 11 Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR), Size 8 Hytrel, MS150 Hytrel., ML190 Hytrel.
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