Weasler Universal Joint top sellers of 2024

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Weasler Universal Joint top sellers of 2024

The top 20 Weasler universal joints are a line of high-quality, durable universal joints designed for a variety of industrial and agricultural applications. Weasler Engineering, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of these universal joints, which are known for their precision engineering, tight bearing fits, and simple, easy service.

1000 Series Universal Joints

The 1000 Series universal joints from Weasler are produced to exact tolerances, providing simple, easy service and tight bearing fits. These universal joints can be used alone or as a component of a drive system, and are suitable for a wide range of applications.

6 Series Universal Joints

Weasler’s 6 Series universal joints are Cardan-type, designed for high power density and long life. Like the 1000 Series, they are produced to exact tolerances to ensure reliable performance and easy maintenance.

Implement Yokes

In addition to their universal joints, Weasler also offers implement yokes, which are designed to fit 6 Series North American PTO shafts. These yokes feature a 3/4-inch round bore with a keyway and 3/8-16 set screw for easy operation.

Customization and Aftermarket Support

While Weasler’s universal joints and other components are primarily sold through their engineering and manufacturing channels, the company does offer some custom-engineered products that are not available through their aftermarket distribution network. Customers interested in these specialized solutions should contact Weasler directly for more information.

Weasler Universal Joint top 20 sellers of 2024:

  1. 1000 Series
  2. 6 Series
  3. 14 Series
  4. 200-1400
  5. 200-7906
  6. 3013-6049
  7. 658-12075
  8. A-D142000
  9. 11022
  10. 1-2075
  11. 339-14
  12. 12075
  13. 2660200-1400
  14. 2001400
  15. 14R
  16. 7906
  17. 6049
  18. 12075
  19. 142000
  20. 1400

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Overall, Weasler’s universal joints are known for their quality, precision, and durability, making them a popular choice for a wide range of industrial and agricultural applications. The company’s commitment to engineering excellence and customer support has helped establish them as a leader in the universal joint market.

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