2 of Weasler 200-5500 Cross & Bearing Kit

2 of Weasler 200-5500 Cross & Bearing Kit

55 series cross and bearing kit, r standard, center grease fitting
R-Kits are standard and offer a high quality lube cycle of 8 hours which is acceptable for many applications. R-kits and E-kits are interchangeable for all available Weasler series as well as with standard cross and bearing sets in the market. This means that a Weasler PTO drive shaft with R-kits can still be upgraded to E-kits or M-kits.
• Lubrication cycle of up to 8 hours.
• Interchangeable with standard North American cross and bearing kits available in the market.

• A black seal with grease fitting makes it fast and easy to find a P-Kit.

200 5500, 200-5500, 2005500, 2855N, 339-55, 33955, 55N, 55R, 971-2005500, 9712005500, CBAN55, L55/55NW, PM200-5500

55 Series