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Thank you for buying universal joint, jaw coupling and elastomeric coupling replacements.

We aim to replace the current couplings you have with something that will last longer and give you less maintenance issues.

Whether they be a Universal joint whether Block and Pin or Needle Bearing or elastomeric couplings like jaw type coupling, we can replace most couplings with a one piece coupling, so no bearings or spider inserts to replace or constantly maintain.

Being universal coupling technology is the same regardless of industry (Automotive, Industrial, Agriculture), this is how we can offer a straight replacement for them and any other coupling manufacturer who makes them since the technology is the same.

We replace the coupling manufacturers products.

Spicer, Lovejoy, Ruland, Belden, Boston Gear, Altra Motion, SKF, Martin, TB Woods, SIT, KTR, Weasler, Walterscheid, Bondioli, SKF, Moog, Neapco and any other flexible shaft coupling manufacturer.


Universal joints (All automotive, Agriculture and industrial), jaw couplings L type, Curved Jaw, Beam coupling (single of multiple) Elastomeric coupling, Bellows coupling, Oldham etc.

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Please review our couplings and if there is a coupling that fits your needs or you have any questions about splines, sizing and “will it work for me?” please feel free to email us with your questions

Thank you again for buying Twin Spring Couplings.

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