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Twin Spring’s Coupling is different in that of WalterScheid it has no center cross to allow it flex, that is handled by its dual spring design, add to that it has no internal bearings means it can run in hostile farm environments without constant maintenance. What this means to you is more flex no maintenance.

Not designed to work in harsh environments, the debris enters the couplings, seals of bearings leading to failure due to wear of the many internal components. This failure costs money, even with a maintenance program in place.

Lubricated and encased during the manufacturing process means those environmental contaminants cannot effect the Twin Spring Coupling.

No maintenance saves farmers time and that means money, as equipment needing to be repaired or maintained costs especially in planting and harvesting season

Attach Power Take Off’s (PTO) and work without the issue of being only able to use it within a few degrees or it failing.

Walterscheid – G2100, G2200 ,G2300(500@1000RPM), P300 (500@1000RPM), , W300E, W200E, W100E

Agriculture Universal Joint replacement (PTO, Attachments, Pumps and Driveline)

TSC500 Agriculture 1″ Farming universal joint and jaw coupling replacement

TSC500 Agriculture 1" replacement for universal joints and jaw couplings in farming equipment & attachments. Nominal Torque: 500ft lbs./495kw/6000 in lbs. Flexible: Up to 35°. High Speed: Up to 7000 RPM. No bearings to grease or replace when worn. Replaces Weasler, Walterscheid, Bondioli, Neapco, SKF, Spicer, Boston Gear, SIT and all other universal joint manufacturers.

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