Coupling technology to replace Spring couplings.

Spring Coupling verses Twin Spring Coupling
Twin Spring Coupling features

  • Speeds: Up to 7000 rpm
  • Nominal Torque from 150 to 500ft lbs. (203 – 678Nm)
  • Flexible to 45°
  • Standard Coupling sizes 1/2″ to 1 3/4” (12.7-46mm)
  • Temperature: -20° to +290°F , (-4° to +140°C)
  • Connection: Spline, Keyway, Square/Hex
  • Torsionally rigid design
  • Minimal backlash
  • No moving parts

These spring couplings have been used for a number of years, for engineers looking for a flexible shaft coupling solution for high speed, minimal misalignment applications.

It isn’t able to handle angles larger than 4° and the ability to handle torque is minimal.

Traditional they use layers of smaller springs, working together but attached at the input/output shaft by welding. Welding changes the metals structure of the springs making them brittle at the weld site, making it a failure point. This failure point makes the coupling while flexible not a good long term coupling due to constant failures at the connection shafts. In addition the multiple small diameter spring wire also makes it not a good candidate for a coupling that requires high torque.

The other form of spring coupling has the end of the spring bent at a 90° angle and pressed into a groove machined into the hub, this means, 1. As torque increases the end of the spring at the bend becomes a weak point, leading it to potentially snap at that point. 2. The increase in torque also means the part of the spring pressed into the groove in the hub to also be forced out of the groove, leading to failure.


The Twin Spring coupling dual torsion spring design allows for minimal windup, non-balanced maintenance free coupling solution with the positives of increased torque capacity and increased flexibility even at speed. ​In addition the use of torsion springs, one of the strongest types of springs available makes the Twin Spring Coupling both capable of high torque and high flex, something that is usually only seen in a universal joint.

Grid Couplings included?

This means where applications that need increased torque and misalignment while still working at high speed can now be achieved without resorting to a jaw or elastomeric coupling (which still cannot work at increased angle misalignment.

Our coupling contains no internal components that require maintenance so we offer the positives of increased torque and misalignment in one coupling without the worry of maintenance. ​

At low angle misalignment, Twin Spring coupling maintains its torsional rigidity and continues to do so as misalignment continues to increase due to the pivoting central ball bearing which allows torque to transfer through the coupling.

Spring couplings are limited in the tradition spring coupling of 1 spring pressed into the hub at either end, these couplings are very small with a even smaller lever of torque capacity. The only coupling that has a number of springs is the Lovejoy Uniflex U-150 coupling, but still their torque output is low.

The springs they used are small in diameter and not torsion springs like we use, which makes our spring couplings capable of being able to handle more torque.

Our coupling is a one piece design with integrated input/output hubs.

The maximum amount of angular misalignment on the Lovejoy coupling Uniflex model is only 5° where the TSC range can flex to 15° and still be used at the same high speeds.



Boston Gear – FC25 XFCBB, FC30 XFCA Poly, FC38 Rubber XFCR, J150, JS175, JS200, UJAS 12-12, UJNL 16-16.

Curtis – CJ644, CJ645.

SKF – FRC 150, SKF Flex 90-100, UJMA25.

Belden – UJ-HD1250, UJ- HS1000, UJ-HS1250, UJ-NB1000x500

Ruland – UJ- HD875, UJ-HS 750, JC jaw , MJC jaw.

TB Woods – Dura Flex WE10, L Jaw L090/L100/AL100/SS100/L110/AL110/SS110, L150/AL150/SS150,  G Flex grid coupling 1000T10-1030-1050.

Lovejoy –  L-090, L-099, L-100, L-110, C-226 C-276 (SOX) CJ28/38, CJ24/32, D-3, D-4, LOJ-6, DD-3, DD-4 Uni joint D-5,NB-6, DD-5, DD-6, LOJ-8, Uniflex U100,U125, U137, Saga S13-S18, S Flex Size 6-9, Delta Flex 40/40HT.

Rexnord – Omega Orange 10-15, Omega HDY 5-10, Viva 130.

Falk – Wrapflex 10R.

Guardian Couplings – Guardex M-48, Spec I32, LJW L100-LJW L190.

Tsubaki – L-099, L-100, L-110 L-110A.

SIT – GU5P, GU5H, Trasco ES 55 red and green, 65 yellow.

KTR – Rotex AL-H 28/38 (92,98, 64) 38-92A, GJL 38 (92A).


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