Coupling technology to replace standard beam couplings.

What Twin Spring Coupling can do for you

  • Speeds: Up to 7000 rpm
  • Nominal Torque 150ft lbs to 500ft lbs ( 203Nm – 678 Nm) far exceeding the capacity of any beam, single or multiple.
  • Standard Coupling sizes 1/2″ – 2 1/4” (12-58mm)
  • Temperature: -20° to +290°F , (-4° to +140°C)
  • Connection: Clamp, Spline (Square, Hex, Keyway)
  • Torsionally rigid design at angles less than 10°
  • Minimal backlash
  • No moving parts
  • One piece design 

A beam coupling invented in 1958 is now made by numerous coupling manufacturers but all the same design.

The coupling is small and with limited torque output and has a limited amount of angular misalignment but it is torsionally rigid and because it is made by machining a single cylinder of material is has also zero backlash which for motors and servos etc is important.

There are single beam coupling and multiple beam coupling, the reason is to make the coupling more flexible but retain the same zero backlash capabilities. Even with the extra cuts in the material the maximum angle of misalignment is only 5°, which is means when it gets to that limit they fail by snapping and need to be replaced.

Beam coupling or slit couplings– Some people call Beam couplings, slit couplings, due to the cuts in the coupling looking like slits.

Single beam coupling have only a few cuts which makes them smaller in length but also means they have less angular misalignment capability, where the multi beam coupling is twice as long but more flexible as the number of the cuts in the coupling doubles. The cuts weaken the coupling regardless whether a single or multiple beam coupling.

We offer the positives of beam couplings but with increased flexibility and increased torque output.

We offer a high speed rigid coupling at low angles with more torque and angular misalignment of 15°.

More Torque more flex – The Twin Springs patented design means the springs act like a beam coupling at low angles but more like a universal joint (angle wise anyway) at high angles, but since it contains no bearings it remains maintenance free like the beam.

High torque is another area where our flexible couplings excel where beam couplings can only take small amounts of torque, the design of beam couplings means they cant take torque without failing. With the thickness of the Twin springs we can handle torque loads only seen in universal joints.

The torsion springs that make up the Twin Spring coupling are high tension so with both springs preloaded offer zero backlash as does the beam couplings. These springs absorb the kinetic energy and store it in the coils. This means no energy is wasted making it one of the most efficient couplings on the market.

Adding to that the flexibility in the springs means no snapped beams and no failures, making Twin Spring also one of the safest.

So high speed, increased torque loads, increased angles of misalignment and no maintenance, zero backlash and a safety coupling, what are you waiting for call us today to solve your coupling nightmares today!


Helical – Beam and Servo couplings W series, DS series, MCA series, MC7 series, A series and H series

Ruland – Beam F series beam, P series beam

Guardian Couplings – multibeam coupling 57, 64, 706.64

Huco – Multibeam 706.64, 707.64, 703.64, 702.64

TB Wood – Dura-Flex WE 5, WE10, WE20, WE30, WE40

Lovejoy- C226, C276, CJ 48/60, CJ 42/55, CJ 38/45, CJ 28/38, CJ 24/32, D-3B, D-4B, LOJ-6B, DD-3B, DD-4B, D-5B, NB-6B, DD-5B, DD-6B, LOJ-8B, D-6B, D-7B, NB-8B, DD-7B, LOJ-10B, D-8B, NB-10B, DD-8B, Uniflex U-137, Uniflex U-150

SIT – Servo Plus 45 Beam coupling
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