Mining power transmission couplings

Twin Spring coupling replaces mechanical power transmission couplings and universal joints in all mining applications, like conveyor belts, drills, underground mining equipment and vehicles.

Universal joints are susceptible to water, mud, dust and debris impregnating the bearings, leading to seizure and replacement. In underground mining this is common place.

This makes constant maintenance a way of life, wasting time and money. The downtime cost for failed universal joints in mining is so high, an increased maintenance schedule is worth while.

Add to that bearing manufacturers give their products a “lifespan” estimate on the angle it is used at, so less than 4 degrees have a lifespan of 1x, 8 is 2x.

Universal joint cross – This holds the bearings that make the universal joint work, the 4 bearings at each end of the cross means you have 4 opportunities for failure.

The constant Zerk greasing to ensure each bearing has enough grease means the coupling has to be out of service to do it, this means a lower ROI on the mining equipment. If any of the bearing fails during operation the machinery again has to be taken out of service to have the bearing/s replaced and regreased.

Yokes – The yoke while made from cast steel are very strong, they do have a weakness where the bearings of the universal joint are attached, these bearings are small so the yokes are machined down to fit these bearings which when the bearings are put under load can crack. This means they have to be replaced as the universal joint cant be used with a cracked yoke.

With the massive costs associated with downtime, inflated inventories are kept to ensure any planned or unplanned MRO that happens parts are on hand to get machinery back in service as quickly as possible.

We do things differently mainly because our Twin Spring Couplings don’t have bearings so the replacement factor does not apply to our flexible couplings.

At Twin Spring Coupling our couplings is a one piece design so the “yokes” or hubs to us are integrated into the product so makes it one solid piece. This again means no downtime or waiting for a replacement yoke.

Twin Spring Coupling – A new flexible power transmission coupling without the downside of traditional couplings

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