Coupling technology to replace Universal Joints and Lovejoy couplings

The Universal Joint or U joint has been around longer than the Automotive industry, whether Car, SUV, Truck or Bus are all effected by the coupling technology after the engine and gearbox.

Clarence Spicer patented the U Joint back in 1904, from designs of the inventor Robert Hooke who first documented the Universal joint or Hooke Joint in 1676. As the oldest in the market, the Spicer U joints have been the industry standard for 100+ years.

Latest technology engines, fuel management systems, multi speed gearboxes are all at the mercy of the couplings in the powertrain, in the steering and the wheels. The Universal and Constant Velocity joints are the oldest technology on any modern automobile.

A standard universal joint cannot run over 8° without causing significant vibration, effecting either the handling and ride of the car to actual damage to the vehicle. All driveshafts have to be balanced to take into account this movement of 8°, otherwise damage to gearbox, the axle and its bearings will occur.

A CV joint while it can turn 40+° can only be used within a far lower range of angles otherwise vibration and damage to the CV joint will result.

The number of moving parts means anything happens to one component will mean a failure of the whole part

Constantly being re lubricated and covered in a protective parts is required otherwise water, dirt and debris will mean premature wear and failure

Twin Spring offers one solution to both products, a set of counter wound springs means zero moving parts and being lubricated and encased in vulcanised neoprene means no water, dust or debris can enter the joint to cause failure 

Being the first coupling that can take full thrust means improved efficiency, as no losses are recorded.

Can be used in angles from 0 up to 35° meaning it can replace both a universal or a CV joint.

Is not subject to vibration as the surfaces are constantly in contact.

It can be made in any size/torque configuration, so sized up or down to suit specifications.

Replace U joints in steering applications, smaller maintenance free and works in most steering boxes.

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