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Spicer 211009X Ball Seat CV Repair Kit

Series MECHANICS 3R / S44 Manufacturer SAGINAW Invoice BALL SEAT REPAIR KIT Ball Size (In) 0.907 Ball Stud Size (In) 0.460 Seal Height (In) 0.170 Seal Outside Diameter (In) 1.240 VMRS 024002069

Spicer 211179X Centering Yoke

SPICER 211179X CV Driveshaft Centering Yoke 1330 series
  • 1979 to 1989 Bronco
  • 1979 F-150, F-250, F-350
1330 Series
  • Fits 1330 Series CV Driveshaft
  • Use on any 1330 series CV Driveshaft to repair or rebuild Double Cardan Joint
  • Fits ALL with 3 5/8 inches between Tabs in centering Yoke
  • GREASEABLEcenter ball socket
  • New spring Included
  • Centering Yoke Fits 1330 Series Universal Joint
    • Dimension between locating tabs on centering yoke is (3.625 inches) 3 5/8 inches
    • Designed to fit (1.062 inches) 1 1/16 inch U-Joint Bearing cap

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