New TSC Flexible shaft couplings replaces old uni’s and jaws

Elastomeric couplings

TSC Flexible shaft couplings to replace U joints & Jaw couplings

The TSC flexible shaft couplings use a set of springs to be able to flex and transfer torque, this makes them more flexible than a standard u-joint  so there is no need for bearings which require the constant greasing a. to make sure the u joint remains flexible b. stops the coupling from seizing.

Add to that the bearings will need to be replaced because they will wear with use, the more use at an angle the quicker this replacement will have to be done. So using a TSC flexible shaft couplings U joint replacement means one less thing to have to maintain. U Joints are made in 2 different styles.

The two include the Friction bearing and Needle bearing (the needle bearing model is the coupling that is a more expensive Universal joint), they have two variations of the needle bearing coupling as well, the standard version or the premium which basically is a updated pre-greased bearing for longer life.

Friction bearing Disadvantages – It as a coupling can only run at low speed due to the design is such that it can only run at low speed because at higher speed the block starts to heat up leading to failure due to pin binding (generated heat makes the 2 pins expand leading to making the block seizing in the middle of the coupling) Due to this heat build up it can only run in lower RPM applications.

Needle Bearing Disadvantages – The disadvantages are also two fold with the improved performance also means increased maintenance and increased replacement of wear parts, being the bearings. With the needle bearings now included inside the coupling it can run at an increased speed but that also increases the friction so the bearings need to be constantly filled with grease to stop the needles in the bearing from expanding with the heat and seizing inside the race, the grease absorbs the heat rather than the needles bearings. Premium U joints have the same issue as friction bearings at a greatly increased price.

The u joint manufacturers produce a “greaseless” or permanent bearings which don’t require greasing but are a premium product and eventually the bearings do need to be replaced.

The jaw coupling like the universal joint is made up of 3 components, a input and output hub and a elastic insert or “spider” due to its shape. The spider is used to sit between the jaws of the two hubs and absorbs the vibration of the two hubs and their differing angles. The wider that angle the faster the wear on the spider, especially at the edges and legs. Once the insert has worn back to allow the metal hubs to touch, vibration increases and wear of the hubs increases.

The TSC flexible shaft couplings offers the following advantages over a Universal joint or a L Jaw type coupling.

  • No internal components that need to be greased and replaced when worn
  • Flexible to 35°
  • One-piece design so no bearing kits to replace, no broken yokes or hubs.
  • Twin torsion springs makes it torsionally rigid at high speed
  • No wear parts like spiders or bearings to replace
  • TSC Flexible couplings twin spring design absorbs vibration and shock

Where would you use this?

  • Need a coupling that handles a large degree of misalignment but DON’T want the maintenance overhead of using Universal Joints
  • Use Jaw type coupling but the internal spider keeps wearing out due to the angle of misalignment.
  • Using couplings in a 24/7/365 situation (like conveyor belts) that any downtime due to bearing failures

Twin Spring flexible shaft couplings come in 3 models TSC150, TSC300 & TSC 500 and are available in all spline types and sizes.

The TSC flexible shaft couplings TSC300 replaces

Lovejoy – D-7, D-7B, DD-7, NB-7, DD-7, NB-8, D-8B, L225, C226

Tsubaki – L150, L190, L225, NEF45W, LN38

Guardian Couplings – LJW L190, LJW L225

TB Woods – Dura Flex WE20, WE30, L Jaw L225, G Flex grid coupling 1000T10 1040, 1050, 1000T20 1040, 1050


R+W America –BK2 300, BKH 300, BKL 300, BKC 300, EK1 300, EK2 300, EK6 300, EKH 300,

Belden – UJ-HD UJ-HS Needle-Bearing universal joints UJ-NB MIL-DTL-6193D MS20270 (Military specs)

Ruland – US, USS, USK, MUS, MUSSK, USC, USKC Ranges

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