Flexible Coupling technology to replace Universal Joints and Industrial couplings

Twin Spring coupling TSC300 flexible coupling replaces universal joints, servo, beam, bellows and elastomeric couplings

300 ft. lbs. (400 n.m) torque rated

Twin Spring coupling TSC300 flexible coupling replaces universal joints, servo, beam, bellows and elastomeric couplings

A new maintenance free alternative to Universal joints and Couplings – Beam, Bellows, Servo

Larger angle of usage – operational usage of over 30°
Able to absorb impacts with its twin spring design
Bi directional high-low speed design

  • No moving parts, no bearings so no greasing and regreasing required, this saves you time and money
  • No vibration
  • ​Can run in water, mud, dust and dirt
  • Springs allow transfer shock to be absorbed, nullifying “jackhammer” shock and reducing the chance of damage to the powertrain.
  • 90+% efficient, torque is absorbed and transferred making it one of the most fuel efficient power coupling units available
  • ISO9001 2007 certified manufactured
  • Available in 1″ Keyway 1.38″ 6 teeth Type 1 PTO (540 RPM)
  • 1.38″ 21 teeth Type 2 PTO (1000 RPM)

Many others available, please contact us with your requirements

Twin Spring Coupling replacement for universal joint in a driveshaft, steering, axle and any universal joint replacement. Replace any Spicer, NTN, Lovejoy, GKN, Moog universal joint coupling.

Couplings in the automotive industry have a number of issues to contend with, annual maintenance, fundamental design flaws coming from a century old technology, the automobile has evolved but the technology that makes up the universal joint has not. Twin Spring Coupling offers something different.

Traditional couplings have to be balanced and can only run at angles of 8 degrees or less otherwise you get wear in the bearings within the propeller shaft of the universal joint, the bearing races will start to wear on the outside which means the ball bearings will become loose and that creates vibration and with continal wear the ball bearings will fail. The bearings need also to be constantly greased otherwise the ball bearings will not have any lubrication, and with them running at high speed the balls will seize in their tracks again leading to bearing failure.

Ball bearings being very precise instruments also need to be contained to ensure infiltration by any foreign contaminants, as things like water, mud, dust or dirt will again cause the ball bearings to seize in their tracks and this means bearing failure.

​The other downside to a universal joint are the yokes which the bearings are contained in, the coupling piece of the yokes are quite tough but the section that contains the bearings not so much as they have to hold the bearings, this is a weak point as the bearings are usually less than 2″ across so the machining to contain the bearings is alot smaller than the rest of the yoke, which means the likely of them cracking is that much higher. Cracking leads to catastrophic failure and replacement of both the yoke and universal joint is assured. This makes it an expensive repair as with the price of the yoke and universal joint, it is usally cheaperr just to replace everything, both yokes and the propeller joint.
Twin Spring Coupling is different it replaces the entire U joint, yokes, propeller/cross bearings everything, with a simple one piece design. It can also replace any U joint offroad model as well.

Designed with no internal components like bearings, means our coupling is truly maintenance free, making it impervious to water, mud, dust, dirt and other contaminants. This saves time and on annual maintenance bills.

By being a one piece design also means Twin Spring Coupling wont break like the yokes do in traditional uni joints.

Our coupling is available in all the standard industry splines for easy replacement or retrofit for OEM.

Time to replace the oldest part of the automobile

Universal joint replacement for Spicerparts, Lovejoy , Neapco, Moog, SKF, Spicer, GMB, Lovejoy couplings

Twin Spring coupling TSC300 flexible coupling replaces universal joints, servo, beam, bellows and elastomeric couplings