TSC150 Industrial 3/8″ Keyway


TSC150 Industrial 3/8″ keyway.

Mechanical power transmission couplings are a replacement for industrial coupling users. Replace any flexible coupling, whether its a beam, bellows, Jaw or universal joint with a maintenance free flexible alternative.

Couplings in the industrial sector traditionally are broken into two sectors, the beam/bellows or elastomeric couplings that can only run at angles of 4° or less otherwise they wear out, as they cannot physically flex beyond that, normally they run at 2°.

The other are universal joints which can normally only run at 8° otherwise prematurely wearing the bearings within the propeller shaft of the universal joint, the bearing races will start to wear on the outside.

The ball bearings will become loose and that creates vibration and with continual wear the ball bearings will fail.

The bearings need also to be constantly greased otherwise the ball bearings will not have any lubrication, and with them running at high speed the balls will seize in their tracks again leading to bearing failure.

Jaw couplings the spiders wear after use of 1-2° and yokes can crack.

Bellows are only good for 2° before they start to wear.

Beam couplings can only run at 2°

Twin Spring Coupling can run up to 20° without needing to be lubrication, and at low angles of misalignment and comparable high speeds to traditional industrial couplings.

Replace Lovejoy, Neapco, Belden, Ruland, Helical, TB Woods, Altra, Tsubaki, Moog, Boston Gear and Spicer couplings

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