Lovejoy L-276 – TSC500 1 1/4″ (SOX) Jaw coupling replacement


Lovejoy L-276 1 1/4″ jaw coupling replacement (SOX) by the TSC500 500 ft lbs replacement for Jaw couplings in any industrial power transmission application.

Twin Spring Coupling mechanical power transmission couplings have no internal components so no annual maintenance and can run at high and low speed as needed.

No internal bearings that need to be constantly greased or replaced when worn out.

Our coupling is available in all the standard industry splines for easy replacement or retrofit for OEM.

Flexible up to 20 degrees under load (25 degrees not under load).


Spicer, KTR, SIT, Huco, Altra Motion, Belden, Tsubaki, R+W, Lovejoy, TB Woods, Guardian Couplings, Ruland, Helical, Boston Gear.


Available on backorder