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TSC500 mine coupling replaces universal joint, elastomeric and other flexible shaft couplings in any driveshaft and any other power transmission requirement you may have.

Flexible shaft couplings in the mining industry have a number of issues to contend with, annual maintenance, hostile work environment including water, dust and debris, lost productivity due to unscheduled coupling failure.

Twin Spring Couplings simple 1 piece design replaces the entire U joint, yokes, propeller/cross bearings everything, with a simple one piece design. No spider inserts to replace and more flexible than the industry standard offerings.


Lovejoy C-276  jaw coupling  (SOX, Buna-N models) replace with the TSC500 T6061 T6 Aluminum alternative. A no maintenance, spider free alternative. Capable of speeds up to 7000 rpm. Flexible to 25° verses the 1° with the SOX, Buna-N C-type jaw couplings. Able to handle 6000 in lbs./495Kw @ 7000 rpm torque. Replace Lovejoy, Ruland, Guardian Couplings, TB Woods, KTR, SKF, Boston Gear, SIT, Martin and all other jaw coupling manufacturers. Part Number : 68514426055.


TSC500 Mining universal joint and elastomeric coupling alternative for driveshaft, equipment, conveyors and attachments. Nominal Torque: 500ft lbs./495kw/6000 in lbs. Flexible: Up to 35°. High Speed: Up to 7000 RPM. No bearings to grease or elastomeric insert replace when worn. Replace Weasler, Walterscheid, Neapco, Bondioli, Spicer, SKF, Lovejoy, Belden, Ruland, Curtis, Moog and all other universal joint manufacturers.