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<h1> Automotive – Universal Joint replacement (Driveline, Steering & PTO) </h1>

Twin Spring coupling replaces universal joints, in all kind of automotive applications, axles, driveline, steering.

Universal joints are susceptible to elements that can impregnating the bearings, leading to their failing and needing to be replaced.

Universal Joint – This means the cross part that holds the bearings is used at the higher angles will also wear out quicker. That unfortunately isn’t the end of it, then to add to that estimation of lifespan you have to include the HP and speed they are used at.

So the higher the HP and higher angle of use like in offroad application 4×4 as an example, the lifespan replacement can then go to 4x, meaning its 4x more likely to be replaced or fail because of this usage.

We do things differently mainly because our Twin Spring Couplings don’t have bearings so the replacement factor does not apply to our flexible couplings.

Add to that because they don’t contain bearings they don’t need to be greased constantly, meaning less money and time spent on maintenance annually.

A universal joint being made up of 3 parts, also has yokes or the input and output shaft connectors, Twin Spring Coupling as a integrated unit is 1 piece.

Yokes – The yoke while made from cast steel are very strong, they do have a weakness where the bearings of the universal joint are attached, these bearings are small so the yokes are machined down to fit these bearings which when the bearings are put under load can crack. This means they have to be replaced as the universal joint cant be used with a cracked yoke.

Twin Spring Coupling again, we do it differently as our coupling is a one piece design so the “yokes” or hubs to us are integrated into the product so makes it one solid piece again eliminating the possibilities of a shaft connector breaking. This again means no downtime or waiting for a replacement yoke.

Twin Spring Coupling – A new flexible coupling without the downside of traditional couplings

Automotive - Universal Joint replacement (Driveline, Steering & PTO)

TSC300 Automotive universal joint replacement


TSC300 Automotive universal Joint alternative. Nominal Torque: 300ft. lbs./295kw/3600 in lbs. Flexible: Up to 45°. High Speed: Up to 7000 RPM. No bearings to grease or replace when worn. Replaces Spicer, GKN, SKF, Dana, Moog, Neapco, GMB and all other universal joint manufacturers. Replace Spicer uni joints 5-101X, 5-105X, 5-443X, 5-3215X, 5-3235X, 5-3233X.