Industrial coupling technology

Mechanical power transmission coupling to replace Uni, Jaw couplings and others

Industrial machinery run 24/7 365, modern life demands a lot from this machinery and when the equipment is not running its costing money through lost orders, worker down time and customer dissatisfaction.

High speed power transmission couplings – industrial couplings, beam and elastomeric can only run at 4° misalignment before they cause equipment failure through increased vibration and the general failure of the couplings themselves, Twin Spring’s Coupling can run at high speed and high torque and still be torsionally rigid at 15°, meaning less downtime for flexible coupling replacement and less wear and tear on belts, shafts and other components.

Torque can be over a few hundred foot lbs, making Twin Spring couplings the right choice to replace those troublesome servo couplings.

Lets look at the mechanical power transmission couplings that make up the industrial couplings in the industrial distribution space and compare them

Beam Coupling – a beam coupling is a high speed coupling machined from a single piece of metal, its is an industry standard when it comes to flexible coupling in the industrial marketplace but it also has its own shortcomings, the main one being the angle of what it can be used, 4°. That is the maximum it can be used at before its starts to create vibration and wear itself out, meaning equipment and component damage, downtime for replacement and/or repair. Beam couplings cannot handle much torque.

Bellows Coupling – A servo coupling very similar to the beam coupling, it is made of a number of pieces not a single piece like the Twin Spring Coupling, again like the Beam couplings they can only be used to a few degrees before starting to wear and vibrate. They also cannot take much torque either

Elastomeric Coupling – Another flexible coupling made up of 2 hubs and a flexible centre hub. This centre hub allows to flex but while it handles very high levels of torque it also can only work at a few degree.

Jaw Coupling -The last of the commonly used servo coupling, again low torque and small angle of misalignment but it is used for its vibration dampening center and jaw like in case of failure, this allows the coupling to remain functional but has to be replaced immediately.

Universal Joints – The uni joint is used in the industrial marketplace because of the need for companies needing more than the 4° typically found with servo couplings. Universal joint can run at high torque but are limited by the speed they can be used at and require constant maintenance due to their multi piece design. As the angle of usage goes up the vibration does as well which limits both speed and torque being transmitted. Lovejoy couplings are the most widely used but have the same disadvantages.

Twin Spring Coupling encompasses most of what we see in these industrial couplings, torsionally rigid like the beam, bellows and jaw coupling , but with higher torque and higher angle of usage (up to 15° at high speed and high torque. Elastomeric couplings while they take large amounts of torque can only be used at small angles before they start to wear at the edges reducing its working lifespan.

The industrial couplings,  universal joints and Twin Spring Coupling are both more flexible than jaw couplings but the Twin Spring coupling doesnt need to be constantly greased like a universal joint does, can run at higher speeds at higher angles of misalignment and with less vibration but also due to its one piece design will last longer.

The constant use of conveyor systems and their numerous bearings and components means downtime is inevitable, even with a preventive maintenance plan.

Encapsulation against foreign contaminants means longer lifecycle with less downtime.

Being encapsulated means it can be used in food or pharma industries with no risk of contamination.

Intermittent force creates vibration which leads to equipment and product damage, but being attached permanently means no vibration, no equipment or product damage.

Can be used in conjunction with other industrial couplings and can be run at 0° up to 35° at full speed and torque


Helical – W, DS, MCA,MC7, A and H series Beam and Servo couplings

Ruland – Beam Bellows Jaw F series beam, P series beam, BC bellows MB bellows, JC jaw , MJC jaw

Guardian Couplings – Dynaline 1d-4d, Curved jaw 28/38, 38/45, 42/55,48/60, Guardex industrial coupling M28, M32,M38, M42, M48, Spec I32 Spec I45 Spec I65, Flexible Membrane coupling model 66, Oldham coupling 57, multibeam coupling 57, 64

TB Woods – Dura Flex WE 5,10,20,30,40, L Jaw L090,L100, AL100, SS100, L110, AL110, SS110, L150, AL150, SS150, L190, L225, L276, G Flex grid coupling 1000T10, 1000T20 1030,1050,1060

Lovejoy – C226 C276 (SOX) CJ 48/60 42/55, CJ38/45,CJ28/38, CJ24/32, D3, D4, LOJ6, DD3, DD4 Uni joint, D5, NB6, DD5, DD6, LOJ8, D6, D7, NB8, DD7, LOJ10, D8, NB10, DD8, Uniflex 137 reg, 150 reg Timken

R+W America – Precision Coupling BK series, Elastomeric coupling EK

Tsubaki – L099,L100, L110, L150, L190, L225, L110A

Belden – UJ-HD UJ-HS Needle-Bearing universal joints

Huco – Flex K Bellow 550

SIT – Trasco ES, Servo Plus 45, SIT GU universal Joints

KTR – Rotex Jaw coupling

Boston Gear – FC/SSFC, J/JS/ UJAS/UJNL

Sizes include

No Keyway
12mm – 0.5″
12mm – 0.5″
7mm – 0.31″
13mm – 0.56″
17mm – 0.75″
12mm – 0.5″
15mm – 0.62″
22mm – 0.88″
14mm – 0.56″
18mm – 0.75″
25mm – 1.0″
15mm – 0.62″
25mm – 1.00″
32mm – 1 1/4″
19mm – 0.75″
28mm – 1.12″
38mm – 1 1/2″
45mm – 1 3/4″

Product Range

Industrial power transmission couplings

Lovejoy L225 – TSC300 1″ (SOX)


Industrial power transmission couplings

Lovejoy L190 – New TSC500 1 3/4″ (Hytrel/Bronze)


Industrial power transmission couplings

Lovejoy L190 – New TSC500 1 1/2″ (Hytrel/Bronze)


Industrial power transmission couplings

Lovejoy L190 – New TSC500 1 1/4″ (Hytrel/Bronze)


Industrial power transmission couplings

Lovejoy L190 – New TSC500 1″ (Hytrel/Bronze)


Industrial power transmission couplings

Lovejoy L190 – New TSC500 3/4″ (Hytrel/Bronze)


Industrial power transmission couplings

Lovejoy L190 – New TSC300 3/4″ (SOX & Urethane)


Industrial power transmission couplings

Lovejoy L190 – New TSC300 1 3/4″ (SOX & Urethane)