Flexible shaft coupling TSC300 replaces BOTH Universal Joints and Jaw Type couplings

Twin Spring Coupling TSC300– Flexible shaft coupling to replace U joints & Jaw couplings

The Twin Spring Coupling offers the following advantages over a Universal joint or a L Jaw type coupling.

  • No internal components that need to be greased and replaced when worn
  • Flexible to 35°
  • One-piece design so no bearing kits to replace, no broken yokes or hubs.
  • Twin torsion springs makes it torsionally rigid at high speed
  • No wear parts like spiders or bearings to replace

Where would you use this?

  • Need a coupling that handles a large degree of misalignment but DON’T want the maintenance overhead of using Universal Joints
  • Use Jaw type coupling but the internal spider keeps wearing out due to the angle of misalignment.
  • Using couplings in a 24/7/365 situation (like conveyor belts) that any downtime due to bearing failures

Twin Spring Coupling offers 3 different torque rated couplings TSC150, TSC300 & TSC 500 available in all spline types and sizes.

The TSC300 replaces

Lovejoy – D-7, D-7B, DD-7, NB-7, DD-7, NB-8, D-8B, L225, C226

Tsubaki – L150, L190, L225, NEF45W, LN38

Guardian Couplings – LJW L190, LJW L225

TB Woods – Dura Flex WE20, WE30, L Jaw L225, G Flex grid coupling 1000T10 1040, 1050, 1000T20 1040, 1050


R+W America –BK2 300, BKH 300, BKL 300, BKC 300, EK1 300, EK2 300, EK6 300, EKH 300,

Belden – UJ-HD UJ-HS Needle-Bearing universal joints UJ-NB MIL-DTL-6193D MS20270 (Military specs)

Ruland – US, USS, USK, MUS, MUSSK, USC, USKC Ranges

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