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Agriculture shaft couplings – Replace the universal joints and jaw couplings in your farming equipment and PTO based attachments with a maintenance free alternative. 1/2″ to 1 3/4″ shaft sizing, PTO Z6, Z20, Z21 teeth quick release couplings. Replaces Weasler, Walterschied, Bondioli and Pavesi uni joints, with a 1 piece, no bearings to replace or grease. Highly flexible and with high torque.

Weasler PTO couplings – Replace them with a maintenance free alternative

Weasler PTO couplings Weasler PTO couplings are a brand well known in the agriculture u-joints, Walterscheid and Bondioli as well . They all rely on the underlying universal joint technology to work. The only real difference is the Weasler PTO couplings are made using larger uni joints, revolving around technology like the Spicer 1310/ Spicer […]

Spicer Uni joints vs New Twin Spring Couplings

Spicer Uni Joints replacement with Twin Spring Coupling

Spicer Uni joints Spicer Uni joints design are broken into two different offerings With 2 models both use needle bearing in the bearing cross, one is greaseable, the other is not as it is called a permanently greased. The universal joint is all the same whether a friction bearing block and pin or a needle […]

No 1 reason for Coupling failures – bearing contaminants, time for something new?

Coupling Bearing U joint failure

Coupling bearing contaminants – Water, mud, dirt and dust contaminants are one of the many ways that bring uni joints to a halt. Rubber boots, constant greasing and inspections are the usual way used to keep the coupling bearing inside couplings working. That’s part of the ROI but what about the annual cost that adds […]